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What are forceps and how can they cause birth injuries?

During childbirth, forceps are important medical tools doctors use to assist in the delivery process. While forceps can be beneficial in certain situations, they also pose risks to the baby in very serious ways.

Parents facing injuries to their baby may seek fair compensation if medical malpractice happens.

Common look and usage of forceps

Forceps are surgical instruments resembling a pair of large, curved spoons or tongs. They can hold the baby’s head and help it go through the birth canal during delivery. Typically made of stainless steel, forceps come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different situations in childbirth.

Trauma and nerve damage

Improper or excessive use of forceps can lead to birth injuries. Forceps exert pressure on the baby’s head, which can lead to bruising, lacerations or even fractures. Too much force or improper placement of forceps can increase these risks.

The nerves in the baby’s face or neck can suffer from serious injuries if doctors use forceps incorrectly. This can result in temporary or permanent facial paralysis.

Brain injuries

In some cases, improper use of forceps may cause brain injuries in babies, such as internal bleeding or swelling. These injuries may have long-term consequences on the baby’s development and neurological function as they grow older.

The time right after the birth of a new member of the family is often chaotic, especially if this little one is dealing with health concerns. Doctors need to take precautions to minimize the potential for birth injuries and medical malpractice.