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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

How can spinal cord injuries happen on a construction site?

Construction sites often buzz with activity as workers labor to build structures. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, there is a hidden danger called spinal cord injuries.

These injuries can have serious consequences for workers. Understanding how they happen is important when seeking fair compensation.

Heavy machinery mishaps

One big cause of spinal cord injuries on construction sites is accidents involving heavy machines. When using equipment like cranes or forklifts, a small mistake or mechanical problem can lead to big trouble. If there is a crash or the machine flips over, the force can hurt the spinal cord badly.

Falls from heights

Working up high is common in construction, whether a person is fixing roofs or building scaffolds. However, with height comes danger, and falling is a major cause of spinal cord injuries. If workers do not get the right safety gear from their employer or if there are not enough safety measures, they can get hurt badly in a fall.

Material handling accidents

Construction sites are full of items like wood, metal and tools. Improper handling of these materials can lead to accidents that result in spinal cord injuries. When a heavy object falls from above, workers are vulnerable to spinal trauma in the chaotic environment of a construction site.

Trenching and excavation hazards

Digging trenches is risky work, especially when it comes to spinal cord injuries. Cave-ins, collapses or strikes from falling debris within trenches can cause significant harm to the spinal cord. Working in confined spaces increases the difficulty of rescue operations.

Spinal cord injuries may leave a person with depression and lingering feelings of frustration. By knowing how these injuries happen and working to make safe workplaces, those in charge can make a difference.