Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Verdicts & Settlements

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Declaratory Judgment

Numerous cases compelling insurance companies to defend and indemnify insured clients in accordance with premises and automobile policy terms and provisions.

$700,000 Settlement

Automobile accident


$1,800,000 verdict for negligent maintenance of traffic control device with 80% liability against municipality.

$1 million

On a stairwell, fractured arm closed reduction resulting in a claim for medical malpractice as well. Guaranteed structured settlement with a guaranteed value of $1 million and possible lifetime in excess of $3,000,000.

$1.5 million

Wrongful death

Benefits In Excess Of $10,000,000

Structured payout with guaranteed payments of $5,600,000 over 30 years, with expected benefits in excess of $10,000,000, for sole infant heir on a settlement of $2,400,000 for the death of a 37-year-old security guard.