Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Rideshare accidents that happen when getting out of the vehicle

Ridesharing is a phenomenon where technology meets convenience. However, it also raises intricate questions about accident liability.

A specific scenario worth considering is when a passenger encounters an accident while disembarking from the rideshare vehicle. Understanding the dynamics of responsibility in such situations is important for passengers seeking their rightful compensation.

Driver’s duty

Rideshare drivers play a significant role in ensuring the safety of passengers during pick-ups and drop-offs. When it comes to exiting the vehicle, drivers are responsible for choosing a safe and suitable drop-off location. This includes avoiding busy intersections while adhering to traffic rules.

Gray areas

In some instances, unforeseen circumstances and external factors can complicate the determination of liability. Factors such as poor road conditions, sudden weather changes or the actions of other drivers on the road may contribute to accidents.  In such cases, the question of liability becomes more nuanced and may require careful examination.

Rideshare company’s role

Rideshare companies themselves also play a role in passenger safety. They are responsible for implementing safety measures, providing clear guidelines to drivers and fostering a culture of responsible driving. However, the extent of their liability in accidents during passenger disembarkation depends on the specific circumstances.

It is worth noting that rideshare apps might no longer consider an individual to be a passenger once they reach their destination. This transition from passenger to pedestrian adds an additional layer to the responsibility puzzle.

The latest data shows that there are over 600,000 rideshare trips per day in New York City between Uber and Lyft. While not every trip ends in an accident, and even fewer result in a collision after the trip is over, the sheer volume of daily rides illustrates that anything can happen.