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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

How can an attractive nuisance hurt children?

In neighborhoods and communities, there are often things that catch the eye of curious children. Attractive nuisances are objects or structures on a property that may attract children due to their appealing nature.

These seemingly innocent attractions can also be hazardous if not properly secured.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are a classic example of an attractive nuisance. Their shimmering waters can be irresistible to children, but the absence of proper safety measures can lead to them drowning, which is the top injury that causes children to die. Fences and secure gates around pools are important to prevent unsupervised access, reducing the risk of accidental drownings.


Trampolines are another common attractive nuisance. While they offer a playful experience, inadequate safety precautions can result in injuries. Without protective nets and proper supervision, trampolines can quickly turn from a source of joy to a cause of accidents.

Construction sites

Children are naturally curious about construction sites, with towering cranes and heavy machinery captivating their imaginations. However, these sites pose numerous dangers, from falling debris to open excavations. Property owners must take measures to secure construction zones and prevent unauthorized access.

Abandoned cars

Abandoned cars may seem like exciting playgrounds for children, but they hide potential dangers. Sharp edges, broken glass and hazardous materials in or around these vehicles can lead to injuries. Removing or securing abandoned cars is important to maintaining a safe environment for children.

Taking proactive measures helps these attractions remain sources of happiness rather than sources of harm. By prioritizing child safety and awareness, people contribute to creating a secure environment where children can explore and play without unnecessary risks.