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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

4 common types of surgical errors

Surgery is a complex medical procedure that demands precision and skill.

However, like any human endeavor, it is not immune to errors. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for surgical errors to happen.

1. Wrong-site surgery

One prevalent surgical mistake is operating on the wrong part of the body. This can occur due to miscommunication, inadequate preoperative verification or failure to mark the correct surgical site. Such errors can result in unnecessary pain, complications and prolonged recovery. In the 2022 annual review by The Joint Commission, wrong-site surgeries ranked fourth among the most preventable issues in healthcare for serious adverse events.

2. Surgical instruments left behind

Another type of surgical error involves leaving instruments or sponges inside the patient’s body. This oversight can lead to infections, inflammation and, in extreme cases, damage to internal organs. Detecting and addressing these issues may require additional surgeries, imposing further physical and emotional stress on the patient.

3. Anesthesia errors

Administering anesthesia is a necessary aspect of surgery. Errors in dosage or improper monitoring can have serious consequences, ranging from anesthesia awareness to respiratory problems. Anesthesia-related mistakes may lead to long-term issues, such as cognitive impairment or psychological distress.

4. Infection due to poor sterilization

Infections are a constant concern in surgery, and they can arise from poor sterilization practices. Contaminated surgical instruments or unclean environments contribute to postoperative infections. These infections can prolong recovery, cause complications and sometimes lead to irreversible damage.

Any surgery comes with inherent risks. Unfortunately, those also include errors by medical professionals. Those suffering due to such mistakes have the right to seek compensation for the physical, emotional and financial burdens they endure.