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How can falls from scaffolding happen?

When you climb up on a scaffold as part of your construction job, you may not immediately see where or how a possible fall could happen. After an injury, you may think seriously about the dangers of being up on a platform surrounded by your coworkers.

Noticing these ways can help you decide what steps to take next after a construction accident.

Shoving and pushing from others

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, falls are some of the most common injuries while up on a scaffold. A coworker who is trying to get to another part of the scaffold may push you or fail to warn you they are walking through. This is even riskier when you are near the edge of a platform.

Failing to secure the structure

When someone in charge does not ask a competent person to check the scaffold before telling other people to walk on it, they put you and anyone else on that structure at risk for a collapse. A total collapse of a scaffold can leave you with a variety of head and back injuries.

Your coworkers may also fail to replace certain defective parts or planks. If they become rusty or break, even the smallest part can break down and cause a collapse.

Stepping on loose items

If people working around you do not put their tools away when they finish using them, these heavy items could leave you at risk of slipping and falling. Poor training or instructions for workers are another source of errors and potential falls.

Since you do not expect to fall or suffer from a scaffolding collapse, knowing how to handle the situation afterward can help you keep your peace of mind.