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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Was your C-section necessary?

Ideally, when giving birth, women should do so without surgical intervention. It is healthier and safer for the baby and mother.

However, there are situations that require a C-section, which is surgery. Still, some doctors seem to force this option on patients when it is not a necessity. Could your C-section have been avoidable?

Reasons for a C-section

Generally, doctors should not require a C-section unless there is a danger to the mother’s or baby’s life. Often surgery will be suggested if the baby is breech, too large or has health issues that could be a risk in a vaginal delivery. If the mother has certain health conditions or has previously had a C-section, the doctor may also advise having one again. The guideline is to reserve this as a last resort in most cases.

Why doctors push them

Doctors may want to push C-sections because they are more convenient. They can schedule them for a specific time, unlike a natural birth. They also make more money since it is a surgical procedure. It also puts the doctor more in control of the birth.

Consider what happened with your birth. Was the C-section a last-minute decision based on medical need, or was it planned? If planned, was there a good reason for it? Think about whether you felt pressured into the C-section without a solid explanation for why you needed it. You could have been a victim of a doctor who simply prefers C-sections and not have really needed the invasive procedure.