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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

What steps should you take right after a car accident?

When you are in a state of confusion immediately after a car crash, you may begin to panic.

In order to prevent more worry and frustration, you should follow a few simple steps. Not only can these tips help you stay safe but they can also help you communicate better with the other person involved in the accident.

Check yourself and others

According to the AARP, getting anyone around the accident out of danger or calling an ambulance is the first priority. You may need to move your car, but you should only turn it back on if you are sure the engine is not damaged in any way.

Being present at the scene is another important aspect of staying safe after a car crash. The other driver should be there with you the whole time, so do not attempt to leave or walk away from the area of the collision.

Talk openly

When you are sure that everyone is physically safe, you should talk to any witnesses and anyone in the other car or vehicle involved in the accident. Ask first for their phone number, full name and current place of residence.

This can help you both stay in touch after you leave the scene, which is important for dealing with your insurance company afterward.

Use your phone

Taking pictures of the area around your car, including any broken pieces of it that have fallen off, is a great way to document what the accident looks like. Using this as proof and reference later for who was at fault can often be important.

Staying collected after an accident can help you and anyone else involved in the accident deal with it effectively.