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What are some signs of spinal cord injuries after a fall?

Falling on your back or at an awkward angle on your side can leave you in pain more than you realize. After the initial incident, you may begin to notice an increase in signs of serious, long-lasting health problems.

One of these potential injuries is a spinal cord injury, which can affect how you walk and breathe. Knowing how spinal cord trauma can happen and what symptoms of this problem are can help you determine what to do next.

Weakness and confusion

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, feeling a gradual increase in numbness in your limbs or hands is one of the most common problems people face. In some cases, you may begin to lose the ability to sense hot or cold surfaces when you touch them.

Falling on a hard surface can whip your head back and forth and end up harming your spine in the process. You may not always seek medical help immediately after a slip and fall because the adrenaline from the accident could mask some of the problems you feel later on.

Abnormal reactions and reflexes

Struggling to fully empty your bladder and bowels is another kind of sign that can make you frustrated and confused. You may not fully sense when you need to urinate or tell if you have kidney stones.

Odd reflexes and muscle spasms can also make it hard for you to drive or move around as you used to before. Losing the ability to bend down or lift items can also influence your daily life. Learning about how spinal cord injuries show up after a fall can help you make a choice about what steps to take next.