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Can distractions at the doctor’s office cause medication errors?

No matter what kind of medicine you need, you may not know that an error happened until days or weeks after starting to take dosages.

This kind of malpractice often involves a doctor prescribing the wrong medicine or amount of pills to a patient. One of the most common ways this happens is when a doctor is dealing with distractions while typing or talking to a patient.

Complicated or similar drug names

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, when a doctor is rushing to finish a conversation or write down important facts, simple spelling errors may cause problems. Some drugs have very similar names but completely different uses.

If your doctor gives you the wrong medicine because of a preventable error, it can constitute medical malpractice.

Confusing instructions

Knowing whether you need to take your medicine orally or in another way is an important distinction. Additionally, the amount you must take for each dosage can also mean the difference between safety and serious health complications.

If your doctor is rushing to give you verbal instructions without taking the time to write down what you need to know, you may leave feeling confused. You could also miss necessary information, since the doctor may forget to tell you important facts about the medicine itself.

Mistaken identity

Doctors who forget to double-check patient names or information can mistakenly give you a prescription that is not yours. Medical offices are typically busy places, so the doctor may also rely on their staff to help you.

Even a single instance of malpractice from a medical professional, such as mixing up two kinds of drugs, can leave you in pain after a medication error.