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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Taking a look at data on construction falls

If you work in construction or worry about the safety or your loved one, there are many different hazards to take into consideration. Electrocution, accidents involving machinery and even traffic collisions are some of the risks that construction workers encounter while performing their job duties. However, you should realize that falls are especially prevalent in the construction industry.

Falls cause many workers to suffer devastating injuries every year and they also lead to the loss of life. In some instances, these accidents are the result of a negligent construction company owner or another party, and the victims of such accidents deserve justice.

The prevalence of construction falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the construction industry sees more deadly falls in comparison to every other industry and construction falls account for 51% of falls across the country. Over the course of 2019, 1,102 construction workers lost their lives in deadly job-related accidents, and 401 of these deaths occurred as a result of falls. In fact, falls claim the lives of more construction workers than any other on-the-job hazard.

Preventing construction falls

Construction companies and workers can take a number of steps to reduce the likelihood of falls. Careful planning and taking the correct approach to projects can help prevent falls, as well as worker training and the use of appropriate safety equipment.

Sometimes, carelessness and disregard for the safety of workers leads to a serious fall. If you are struggling with the aftermath of a construction fall as an injured worker or the loved one of a worker involved in a serious accident, carefully explore your options.