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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Statistics on e-scooter, e-bike and hoverboard accidents

Whether you enjoy riding an e-scooter, hoverboard or e-bike for exercise or as a convenient method of transportation, it is essential to understand the risks you face. Aside from inexperience, collisions with cyclists and pedestrians and other hazards, some users of micromobility products find themselves involved in traffic accidents.

When using an e-scooter or another type of micromobility product, you are especially vulnerable if a traffic collision occurs. Moreover, statistics show that injuries involving the use of these personal mobility devices have increased recently.

Data on e-scooter accidents

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission sheds light on e-scooter accidents and other accidents involving micromobility products. In 2017, 7,700 e-scooter accidents resulted in emergency department visits, which increased to 25,400 during 2020. Between 2017 and 2020, over 190,000 emergency department visits occurred as a result of accidents involving the use of micromobility products such as e-scooters, hoverboards and e-bikes.

Frequent injuries included neck and head injuries, as well as injuries to lower and upper limbs.

Recovering from an e-scooter accident

In the wake of a traffic accident involving a micromobility product, you need to closely review the details surrounding the collision. If you believe that a driver’s negligent behavior played a role in the accident, such as a driver who was going too fast or failed to yield, you need to gather evidence and take a stand for your rights.

Reckless drivers who endanger the lives of those riding e-scooters must answer for the consequences an accident causes. Whether you struggle with hospital bills, painful injuries or lost wages, seek justice.