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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

What are the top causes of crashes?

Defensive driving serves as a major way of staying safe while on the road. Of course, a big part of defensive driving is to know what dangers you are up against in the first place. This lets you identify problems before they occur, and avoid potentially risky behaviors.

Thus, it is crucial to know what the top causes of crashes are. This allows you to identify and combat these issues as they may occur, staying safe and protecting everyone sharing the road with you at the same time.

Dangerous driver behaviors

Huff Post discusses some of the most common reasons behind car crashes. You can break these reasons down into several categories, roughly speaking. First, you have the crash causes that stem from driver behavior. This includes reckless driving, speeding, tail gating, distracted driving and driving while under the influence.

In these cases, the best option is to simply avoid driving in an unsafe way by engaging in these behaviors. It also helps to know what aggressive or distracted driving looks like, so you can give other drivers a wide berth if they engage in it.

External crash causes

Then, you have external causes of crashes. This can include potholes in the road, tire blowouts, animals crossing the street and driving near construction sites. When driving around such areas, it is important to stay extra vigilante. Regarding tire blowouts, always keep your car well-maintained and you will likely not have to worry about such issues.

Visibility problems can increase the chance of crashing as well, such as night driving or driving in the rain. When possible, avoid these situations entirely. If you cannot, drive slow and really take your time.

By keeping these tips in mind, you could potentially avoid having to deal with a crash.