Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Why do motorcycle accidents happen?

Many people in New York prefer to ride motorcycles, but these vehicles bring some added risks since they don’t offer the same protection for the rider as a truck or SUV does for a driver. Motorcycle enthusiasts should be aware of the common types of bike accidents because a little education could help improve safety on the road.

Riding on the shoulder or between cars presents hazards. The shoulder might have debris and obstructions that cause accidents. Recklessly riding between cars and weaving in and out of lanes can also drive up risks for collisions. In addition, riding between traffic and parked cars becomes dangerous as someone could open a door, not knowing a motorcyclist is illegally in a lane.

Motorcyclists need to be mindful of car drivers who may operate their vehicles carelessly. A driver who makes a turn without a signal could crash into a motorcyclist. Vehicles do change lanes without warning; some even drift out of their lanes because of distracted driving. No matter how careful a motorcyclist is, he or she can’t control how other vehicles operate. Defensive driving might help cut down on accidents, but even good driving practices have their limits.

Getting hit from behind is always a risk. When stopped at a light, a car driver may not pay attention, might be under the influence or may skid on a slick surface. Getting hit from behind could cause a severe injury to a motorcyclist without much warning.

Gravel on the road, oil slicks, icy surfaces and other unexpected troubles could cause a motorcycle to crash. A motorcyclist should be on the alert for common hazards on the road in front of them.

Many different factors contribute to motorcycle crashes that result in injuries to the rider. Whoever is at fault might face dire civil or criminal consequences. If a motorcyclist needs help holding the liable party responsible, it may be a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney.