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Could You be Pulled Over by RoboCop in New York?

Google Glass For New York Police | Brooklyn, NY Criminal Defense Attorney | Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates

The day when you are pulled over by a futuristic law enforcement official may be fast approaching. According to Jamie Schram and Daniel Prendergast of the New York Post, the NYPD is hoping to soon be outfitting cops with Google Glass.

“We signed up, got a few pairs of the Google glasses, and we’re trying them out, seeing if they have any value in investigations, mostly for patrol purposes. We think it could help impact patrol operations in New York City. We shall see,” a source told

The hope is that the high-tech specs would sync with a computerized interface so a law enforcement officials would be able to instantly see a suspect’s arrest record, mugshot, and other vital information.

“If it works, it could be very beneficial for a cop on patrol. … It would be like Terminator. You walk past somebody and you get his pedigree info if he’s wanted for a warrant right on your eye screen. You can identify the bad guys immediately within seconds,” said an inside source.

The glasses would also potentially expedite traffic stops and patrol stops. Instead of a citizen waiting for an officer to run his or her license it would be almost instant.

In addition to providing law enforcement officials with information about the suspect, the glasses would have the ability to record audio and video so all interactions with citizens and suspects would be preserved for posterity. “That would enhance the safety of officers. It’s a win-win for cops and the public,” the same source said.

These specs would basically replace the dashboard cameras of today.

Google Glass is not available to the general public at this time. Currently you can only get them through Google’s Glass Explorer Program. You can sign up to be on the program’s waiting list here: However, even if accepted you still have to pay for a pair of the glasses and the prices aren’t cheap. Each pair of specs runs $1,500.

A spokesperson with Google said that the company is not working directly with law enforcement agencies to see what kind of impact Google Glass could have on crime fighting.

For more information on the possible ramifications of Google Glass and New York law enforcement, contact an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense attorney.

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