Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Pedestrian Accident Forces Improvement of Dangerous Brooklyn Intersection


For many of us in Brooklyn, New York, the June death of a former librarian at the intersection of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway still haunts our memory.

As a Brooklyn car accident injury attorney, this incident truly sticks in my mind, as I am well-educated in the danger of that particular

Luckily, a vote last year approved $200,000 in spending to increase safety at the intersection. This past fall, the project finally received the green light to begin.

The Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue intersection will be getting new speed limit signs and a pedestrian island as part of its long-overdue safety improvement strategy.

The New York Department of Transportation broke ground in autumn, not long after the fatal pedestrian accident took the life of Ngozi Agbim, a former college librarian, as she crossed the intersection.

Vehicles travel quickly on the nine-lane roadway as they enter or leave Prospect Expressway, located nearby. Many officials in the state have been concerned for some time about the intersection, fearing that engineers hadn’t deemed the plan an effective strategy to slow down traffic.

As a personal injury and car accident attorney in Brooklyn, I truly hope the improvements will make a real difference for pedestrians who have to cross the intersection on their daily route. According to an article from the New York Daily News, four pedestrians were killed between 1995 and 2009 at the single intersection alone.

If you or a loved one has bee injured at the intersection of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway, or any other Brooklyn intersection, contact an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney for the guidance and help you need.

Also, if you feel there are certain highly-dangerous intersections in Brooklyn that are not receiving proper attention from local government, please point them out by notifying our offices of the danger today.