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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

75 Fatal Injuries to New York City Workers in 2012


As a personal injury attorney in New York City, I realize the potential hazards of the workplace. Whetheryou’re on a construction site or in an enclosed office, there is always some risk of injury while on the job—or worse,fatality.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes these risks seriously. In some cases,it is the employer who fails to take the necessary step of ensuring the safety of his or her employees. This poses such a great danger to the well-being of the worker, especially since they likely trust the perceived authority of the person or company that hired them.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 75 people fell victim to fatal
occupational injuries in New York last year.

Sadly, the age range with the most deaths was 25-34 years, with 17 fatalities.The second most was 55-64 years with 14 deaths.

Most occupational deaths in 2012 were caused by violence and other injuries caused by a person or animal. 21 New York City deaths, however, were caused by slip and fall injuries.

As a personal injury attorney that often handlesconstruction accident cases, I was not surprised to see that construction and extraction occupations had the most fatal injuries, with a third of all New York City occupational deaths. A majority of those deaths came from fall, trip, or slip accidents.

If a loved one of your has been injured, or worse, killed, at work, there is a very real possibility that the employer did not take the necessary actions to prevent he accident. Contact an experienced New York personal injury attorney today for the help you need and deserve.

For more information and statistics on fatal occupational injuries in New York City, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website.