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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Statistics Show Accident Dangers to New York City Pedestrians, Bicyclists

Pedestrian accidents are and bicycle accidents are a major problem in New York City. Preliminary statistics show that last year 155 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in traffic accidents and more than 15,000 sustained injuries.

Many of these injuries and deaths occurred in Brooklyn. According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 41 pedestrians and seven bicyclists killed in Brooklyn in 2012. There were also 5,337 pedestrians and bicyclists injured in Brooklyn.

Indeed, there were more pedestrians and bicyclists killed or injured in Brooklyn than in any other borough. Manhattan, for example, had 3,959 overall injuries to pedestrians or bicyclists in 2012, compared to Brooklyn’s 5,337. Queens had 3,483 and the Bronx 2.142.

Overall, more than one-third of the injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists were in Brooklyn – and nearly one-third of the fatal accidents.

Given these statistics, it is fair to ask what actions authorities are taking to prevent motorists from killing or injuring pedestrians and bicyclists at such high rates. This question is valid not only in Brooklyn,but throughout New York City.

To be more specific about it, do authorities have enough detectives in place to investigate motor vehicle accidents sufficiently? Historically, New York City police have generally only accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists if the pedestrian or cyclist is likely to die.

Yet most fatal crashes in which pedestrians or bicyclists are killed are caused by illegal actions by motorists. And it’s not as if pedestrians can protect themselves just by following crossing signals. The data shows that more pedestrians are hit by vehicles while crossing with the traffic signal than without the signal.

Source: “Brooklyn Had The Most Pedestrian And Cyclist Fatalities in 2012,” gothamist, 2-2-13

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