Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Understanding Your Options After A Playground Accident

Both New York and New Jersey are full of parks. Because of this, it is often a fun place to go for families. When a child falls down, they may be facing serious injuries. For over 40 years, the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates has worked with clients who were unsure where else to turn. We can discuss your options and help you decide how to best move forward.

Here To Hold The Negligent Party Accountable

While bumps and bruises are sometimes inevitable, more serious injuries can have a major impact on a young life. Broken bones and concussions are not something to mess around with. The medical costs can be sky-high. Depending on your situation, your child may be able to receive compensation. This can cover the cost of your doctor’s visits. Our attorney won’t stop until we reach the best possible solution.

There are many reasons an accident can happen. For example, playgrounds need regular maintenance. Rusty equipment and sharp objects can cause serious injuries. Maybe your child was at school, and there was a lack of supervision. Poorly built structures are also a problem. Depending on where the park is located, different people can be held liable. Whether it is the city of New York or the school your child attends, we will advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

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