Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Who is responsible for injuries that happen on the subway?

Riding the subway in New York City may be a convenient way to get around, but it also comes with risks. Accidents and injuries might happen due to various factors, leaving commuters wondering who is responsible for their injuries.

Determining responsibility for injuries sustained on the subway involves understanding the roles and obligations of different parties.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority manages the New York City subway system. It is responsible for maintaining the subways, including stations, tracks and trains. If an injury happens because of negligence, such as a broken step or a malfunctioning train door, the MTA may be liable.

Third-party contractors

Maintenance and construction work in the subway system is often performed by third-party contractors. If an injury results from their work, the contractor may be responsible. This responsibility includes situations where a contractor’s negligence leads to unsafe conditions.

Operator error

Another potential cause of subway injuries is operator error. Train operators and other MTA staff must follow strict safety protocols. If an operator fails to follow these procedures, resulting in an accident, the MTA may be held accountable for the injuries sustained. This could include errors such as improper train handling, failure to announce warnings, or not responding appropriately to emergencies.

Other passengers

Sometimes, other passengers can cause injuries on the subway. If a person pushes someone accidentally, leading to a fall, the responsible person might be the one who caused the accident. It can be challenging to hold another passenger accountable, but it is possible in some situations.

Injured subway riders in New York City should seek legal advice to identify liable parties and secure the compensation they deserve.