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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Falling safely to reduce your injuries

New York winters come with plenty of snow and ice, which poses a serious slip-and-fall hazard. When it comes to slipping on ice, it is easy to have your feet slip out from under you, causing you to fall backward. Unfortunately, that uncontrolled backward fall is what causes some of the most severe injuries from ice.

There are a few things to consider to reduce your risk of serious injuries from slipping on ice.

Protect your head

The impact of your head on ice can lead to serious head injuries. Sometimes, these injuries are severe enough for a concussion diagnosis. Avoid this risk by making an effort to protect your head when you fall. Regardless of the direction that you fall in, strive to keep your head from striking the ground or the ice.

Fall forward

The most common experience for those who fall on the ice is falling backward. This increases the risk of hitting your head on the ground and can injure your tailbone and hips. Reduce the risk of these serious injuries by shifting your weight so that you fall forward instead. If you fall forward and brace your arms against your chest to keep your face off the ground, you have less risk of severe injuries.

Controlling your fall on the ice protects you from some of the most serious injuries that may result. The more attentive you are to your body’s position on the ice, the easier it is to adjust the direction you will fall in for your own safety.