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Vacuum-assisted delivery and birth injuries

Whether you recently gave birth and have concerns about the well-being of your newborn as a result of a birth injury or you expect to go into labor in the near future, it is important to take a close look at various issues on this topic. For example, you should familiarize yourself with potential complications and take steps to safeguard the well-being of your child.

Unfortunately, negligence sometimes plays a role in birth-related trauma. For example, a medical professional could seriously hurt a newborn because they are in a rush, fail to communicate properly or do not perform their duties correctly. Sometimes, giving birth is especially likely to result in an injury, such as vacuum-assisted deliveries.

A look at vacuum-assisted deliveries

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that the number of vacuum-assisted deliveries has decreased in recent decades. However, doctors continue to perform this procedure, in which they use a vacuum to help pull a child out during labor. During 2004, 2.6 out of every 1,000 live births involved birth trauma, and this rate went down to 1.9 out of every 1,000 live births during 2012.

Sadly, many newborns and their families continue to struggle with as a result of injuries during labor.

Complications that can arise due to vacuum-assisted deliveries

Vacuum-assisted deliveries are more likely to result in birth injuries such as cephalohematomas and subgaleal hemorrhages. Most cephalohematomas resolve on their own, but some can lead to serious problems, such as skull deformities and infection. Moreover, subgaleal hemorrhages can result in multi-organ failure and death.

If you believe that a medical professional’s negligence during a vacuum-assisted delivery caused a birth injury, carefully go over the details of the incident and your options.