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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

How can parked cars cause motorcycle accidents?

When you are enjoying your motorcycle as you travel around, you may not think about what danger could happen as you drive past a line of parked cars.

A motorcycle crash can leave you with brain, neck and spinal cord trauma. Knowing more about what factors lead to these injuries can help you understand why these cars could cause collisions to happen.

Confusion and distraction

According to the United States Department of Transportation, people inside parked cars may not pay attention to smaller vehicles if they are staring at their phones or talking to other passengers. Since motorcycles take up less space and are harder to see, people who are not careful may only briefly look for oncoming traffic and assume that the road is clear.

Heavy car doors can knock a motorcyclist off balance and send them falling onto hard concrete or other vehicles.

Serious impact

Although drivers should not swing open doors before checking the area around them, they may assume motorcyclists can swerve or stop in time if they do choose to step out of the car. A driver misjudging the reaction time of motorcyclists can put you in danger if this obstruction causes you to lose control of your motorcycle.

Additional injuries

Another large vehicle driving along may also run into you and harm you after the initial collision. Immediately after an impact, you will not have enough time to get out of the way and the other car or truck may also not have time to stop.

Staying aware of the source of this problem and how parked cars could put you in danger can help you after a crash.