Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Frequently asked questions about personal injury cases

Accidents can cause severe emotional and physical trauma that can take a long time to heal. Therefore, you should try to ensure the person, company or city that caused the incident is responsible for their actions.

Here are some answers to your questions regarding this type of case.

What is this type of case?

Any case which involves an injured person harmed by someone else’s fault is a personal injury case. So, for example, your neighbor, employer or city could be at fault for the incident that injured you.

Can minor accidents qualify?

Even minor incidents can cause severe long-term damage. Because of this, minor accidents qualify for personal injury claims.

Why should you pursue your case?

It would help if you pursued your case to get a resolution that works in your favor. Sometimes, you must go to court to get a jury award. Others, you may be able to settle without going to court.

Is settling a good option?

Settling is a good option if you are looking to end the case quickly. However, you will generally get a more considerable sum if you go to court.

What should you focus on during the case?

During the case, you need to focus on getting better. In addition, you should take time to care for any of your family or friends injured in the accident.

It is best to pursue a personal injury case, even if you do not pursue criminal charges. Just be sure to take the appropriate steps and get help if necessary to ensure you handle your claims in a way that can improve your chances of compensation.