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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

How can negligence lead to accidents on construction sites?

When you are working somewhere that is as dangerous as a construction site, even the smallest of errors from another worker can leave you with physical injuries.

Some people are negligent while on a worksite. Knowing more about how a lack of attention and concentration when handling materials can lead to injuries can help you if you are struggling with pain after an accident.

Leaving items on scaffolds

According to Psychreg, workers rushing to finish building a scaffold may leave large tools out that can cause a person to trip and fall. Head and back injuries are common when falling from multiple feet above the ground.

Keeping walkways clear of spilled liquids or loose items is important since many workers need to carry heavy items along those same pathways. When another worker neglects to clean up after finishing a task, this puts you and anyone else around this area in danger.

Ignoring equipment maintenance

Dangerous pieces of mechanical equipment, like forklifts, can crush limbs or leave you with life-threatening injuries if they malfunction while someone is using them. If workers do not properly repair these pieces of equipment, then they can stop without warning and cause a crush injury or electrocute you.

Failing to warn and communicate

When workers do not properly alert fellow employees around them when using a vehicle or other piece of equipment, they can put them in danger. Sudden movements or turns can leave you scrambling to run away or dodge large trucks and cranes.

Taking notice of how negligence impacts personal injuries on a construction site can help you determine what to do next after an accident.