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Can you notice a traumatic brain injury days after an accident?

When you are in a car accident, you may walk away from the scene initially feeling fine. You may even decline any further medical care and assume you are not in any danger of further harm.

However, a hidden traumatic brain injury following a crash can leave you feeling strange in the days following this event. Noticing the signs of this injury can help you if you exhibit some of them.

Struggling with memory and speech

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may experience headaches that grow and become more painful as time goes on. Emotional and memory-related problems, such as failing to regulate your mood and answering questions incorrectly, can develop in the months or weeks following the initial injury.

Many times, you may not notice the warning signs of brain trauma yourself. Your loved ones or friends may see you struggling to speak clearly or follow conversations.

Misunderstanding nonverbal cues

A brain injury can affect your ability to communicate clearly and understand what other people mean. This means that over time, you could struggle more and more to notice changes in pitch or subtle clues from people around you.

Feeling frustrated and sad

Not only could this injury feel frustrating to people around you, but it could also make you feel isolated and confused. Since these symptoms can happen days and weeks after a car crash, you may not know why you are suddenly struggling to write or talk with your loved ones.

Having an understanding of what traumatic brain injuries are and why some signs of them do not appear right away can help you as you continue to recover.