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How can forceps cause birth injuries?

As you give birth, you may notice the use of forceps if your baby is struggling during this time. These metal tongs clamp gently around your baby’s head and help him or her out of the birth canal.

In some cases, improper use and negligence on the part of the medical staff can leave you or your child with birth injuries.

Bladder and urethra pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, one common sign of unsafe forceps use is continual pain in the tissue between your vagina and anus. If medical professionals use forceps too quickly or roughly during the birth, then they may tear a hole in your uterine wall.

This is especially painful because the placenta or the baby may shift and end up in your abdominal cavity during birth. You could also struggle to urinate in the time after this procedure if your urethra suffers from tears.

Harm to your child

After a delivery with forceps, your baby’s eyes or facial muscles may become weakened due to unnecessary pressure. Improper use of forceps can contribute to eye trauma or bleeding inside the baby’s head.

These kinds of internal injuries may not be easy to spot right away after the birth. Your baby can also have issues with seizures if the injuries are severe.


When your pelvic muscles become too weak to support your organs, prolapse may occur. Forceps can contribute to the weakening of these ligaments and muscles since they can cause injuries in the sensitive areas of your lower body.

Knowing the ways a rushed or improperly done delivery with forceps can harm you is important if you think you suffered injuries during your birth.