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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Recovering from a slip-and-fall accident at an older age

People of all age groups can face serious hardships after falling down, but you could find yourself in an especially challenging position if you are an older adult trying to recover from a slip-and-fall accident. Aside from the physical consequences that come with some serious accidents, such as losing the ability to walk and live independently, you could struggle with financial hurdles due to medical costs, rehabilitation and losing the ability to keep working.

Furthermore, slip-and-fall accidents can also generate serious mental and emotional problems, from brain damage due to a head injury to depression and anxiety.

Falls, older adults and life-changing repercussions

The National Institute of Aging provides an overview of some of the hardships that older adults face after falling down. In fact, a fall can trigger serious complications for older adults. For example, if you break a bone after slipping on a slick surface, you could have to deal with an expensive hospital stay or a permanent disability. According to the NIA, those 65 and over are more likely to fall, and one-third of all people in this age group fall down every year.

Preventing and addressing slip-and-fall accidents

From exhibiting extra caution while walking to avoiding alcohol before walking and checking your vision, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Unfortunately, some accidents occur because of a negligent property owner or business owner. For example, some businesses fail to address leaky pipes and other hazards that threaten the safety of customers and those passing by. If you recently fell down due to another person’s carelessness, swiftly explore your options.