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Could a CPAP give me cancer?

There is recent news about CPAP breathing machines and cancer that is making headlines. According to the New York Times, some manufacturers are acknowledging their CPAP machines could cause a person to get cancer after extended use.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration even issued a warning pointing to the degrading of parts within the machine that leads to the inhalation of dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals. Some companies have even issued recalls of their products due to the concerns.


Because of the recalls, there is now a shortage of CPAP machines on the market. The company cannot send them out until they pass through extensive testing, which will take time. Add to that the current state of the economy, with shipping issues, worker shortages and other supply chain problems, and new machines will take a long time to hit the market again. Of course, the recalls only impact a limited line of products, but the FDA warning applies to more machines than just those under the recall.


For people using CPAP machines for breathing issues and sleep apnea, the news is hugely concerning. They have to weigh whether the risk of cancer is greater than the risk of not using the machine. For some people, the dangers of not using their machine are too great to quit using it.

The best suggestion to users is to speak with their doctors about their options. Your doctor may be able to offer a solution that allows you to avoid any type of risk or dangerous situation. Also, keep in mind that the risks from using the machine are not instant, they occur over time, so you do have the ability to consider your options while still using the machine.