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Is this a skull fracture?

After involvement in a crash, it is likely that those inside the vehicle will suffer from damage to the head, neck or back. These areas often absorb the brunt of the collision. In particular, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) remain among the most common crash-related severe injuries to this day.

Skull fractures rank high among the dangerous types of head injuries that victims can suffer from. It is important to identify a skull fracture if possible, so as to get the proper medical attention for a victim immediately.

Bruising due to skull fractures

Merck Manual discusses the potential signs of a skull fracture. First, blood will often collect inside of the skull at the hollow points. This results in bruising – or a bruised-like appearance – around the eyes and ears. Victims may also bleed from the ears or nose, especially if blood gathers behind the eardrum and the eardrum then bursts.

Look for clear fluid, too. This is cerebrospinal fluid, which covers the surface of the brain and may leak from the ears or nose in the event of severe brain trauma or skull fractures.

Neurological and physical effects

Victims of skull fractures may not always retain consciousness. However, those that do may suffer from paralysis (full or partial), migraines, and changes to their temperament. This can include increased agitation and aggression, or confusion and memory loss.

It is crucial to get skull fractures treated quickly. Leaving it untreated can lead to long-term damage to the brain, which can cause social, financial, emotional and behavioral problems in the victim’s life as they struggle through recovery.