Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Car accidents and common bone fractures

If you live in New York and you are in a car accident, you might break a bone in your arm, leg or another part of your body. This can happen because you have braced yourself on impact, because of an airbag or seatbelt, or because the car is crushed in the accident. Treatment varies based on what type of injury you have sustained.

Treating fractures

For example, some injuries you might suffer in a motor vehicle accident are to bones that cannot easily be put in a cast. This is the case with the collarbone although a physician may place your arm in a cast to stabilize the clavicle. For broken ribs, time and rest may be the only cure. Rest may also be important in treating a fractured disc in the back along with a brace, physical therapy and, in some cases, surgery. If you fracture a hip, you may need screws, rods or plates while a fractured pelvis may heal with bed rest and physical therapy.

Broken arms and legs

The seriousness of broken arms and legs can vary based on how severe the break is, but treatment for arms and wrists is usually fairly straightforward and involves wearing a cast. A broken femur or thighbone can take longer to heal than many other bones because of its size. The tibia or fibula may be placed in a cast and might heal more quickly than the femur.

Head injuries

Face and head injuries may happen because of not wearing a seatbelt and slamming into a windshield. However, a head injury can also happen without impact if the brain is jolted in the skull by a sudden stop. These types of injuries can range from the minor to the catastrophic.

Getting treatment for injuries, even if they are minor, can be important because you may need the documentation in order to get any compensation you might be owed. Without this documentation, an insurance company may try to argue that you sustained the injury in some other way.