Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Are e-scooters a danger on New York City roads?

E-scooters provide a preferable way for Brooklyn commuters to get to a destination. The scooters come with a reduced carbon footprint and less expensive operating expenses, two factors driving their popularity. Unfortunately, these scooters also come with some operating risks, and anyone riding an e-scooter should be mindful about how to avoid an accident.

Following the rules for e-scooter travels

Local laws apply to e-scooter owners, and ignoring safety rules may lead to a citation. A ticket could become the least of an e-scooter enthusiast’s worries if an accident happens. Riding on a sidewalk at a high rate of speed could lead to a collision. Even when traveling carefully, an avoidable motor vehicle accident may occur when a driver doesn’t notice a scooter rider.

An investigation could reveal who is negligent after an e-scooter/motor vehicle accident. The negligent party may face a civil suit for any injuries resulting from negligent behavior.

Electric scooters and dangers

Electric scooters are not allowed in all localities in New York, but many e-scooter owners will at times ignore the rules and venture into those areas. That action alone could open an e-scooter operator to legal liabilities.

E-scooter operators who travel at safe speeds, wear helmets, and stay away from pedestrians might decrease the chances of accidents. Reckless e-scooter operators could cause life-changing injuries to joggers, bicyclists, and others if they cause a crash.

Questions may arise whether insurance exists to cover an e-scooter operator’s negligence. If not, then a lawsuit may become the only way to recover compensation.