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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Are rear-end collisions unavoidable?

Rear-end collisions may come to people’s minds when asked to visualize a “common” auto accident. Of course, New York sees all kinds of collisions each year, not only rear ones. Rear-ending another vehicle, however, remains a typical vehicle crash incident on Empire State roads. Many things could lead to a rear-end collision, and some crashes could inflict severe harm.

Rear-end collisions on U.S. roads

Rear-end collisions often occur on America’s roads. These types of accidents frequently involve one moving vehicle and a stationary one. When a stopped vehicle gets hit by one traveling at even a moderate rate of speed, severe injuries may result. Per the Insurance Information Institute, rear-end collisions cause 7% of accident fatalities.

Even a “minor” rear-end collision may lead to whiplash, back injuries, head trauma and other injuries. Those who go to the emergency room for an examination may find themselves with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Negligence and rear-end collisions

The causes of rear-end collisions vary, and negligence might factor heavily in them. One driver may travel toward an intersection while changing music tracks on a touchscreen. The driver doesn’t notice another car slows down to make a legal turn at the corner, and a crash results.

Negligence could take many other forms, including knowingly operating an unsafe vehicle with a brake or other mechanical problems. Ultimately, if a driver is at fault for an accident, he or she could face a valid negligence claim. Auto liability insurance covers claims related to negligence, but negotiating with insurance companies comes with challenges. Additionally, lawsuits may be necessary even when insurance coverage is in place.

Rear-end motor vehicle accidents might lead some to seek compensation. An attorney could assist with taking the appropriate action. Such action may involve filing a lawsuit or working toward an agreeable insurance settlement.