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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

A look at collisions between motor vehicles and motorcycles

As New York enters the springtime season, more and more motorcycles can be heard driving up and down its busy streets. This should serve as a reminder to both motorcycle riders and vehicle drivers that they need to take some extra precautions to ensure each other’s safety.

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely serious

Motor vehicle accidents that involve motorcycles tend to be more severe than those just involving vehicles. It’s very obvious to see that motorcycle drivers have less to protect them when they’re involved in an accident than a vehicle does. For this reason, it’s important that vehicle drivers are aware of the motorcycles that are around them and use precaution when coming in close vicinity to them.

The most common causes of accidents involving motorcycles and cars

When it comes to taking a look at motor vehicle accidents that involve motorcycles, there are a few different reasons that these accidents occur. One of the most likely causes of accidents involving motorcycles includes that motor vehicle drivers are unable to see the motorcycles due to their relatively small size. In some cases, motor vehicle drivers may not see the motorcycle far in front of them, and it’s typically too late for them to adequately stop to avoid hitting the motorcycle.

Another cause of accidents involving motorcycles is that the motorcycle is obstructed by another roadway object or vehicle. Many times, a motorcyclist may be in a vehicle driver’s blind spot, which results in the motor vehicle changing lanes and slamming into the motorcycle. To prevent these accidents, both vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders need to put forth extra precautionary efforts to ensure that the other drivers can see them.

As records have indicated that the number of motorcycle accidents has nearly doubled in the last decade, it’s more important than ever before for all drivers to pay extra attention during the spring and summertime. It’s a good idea to stop and think from the perspective of the other driver on the roadway to see possible reasons why an accident may occur and help mitigate those reasons.