Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Prevention for common plane crash factors

New York residents do not want to think of accidents when traveling to and from the city by airplane. The truth is that these accidents are rare, but when plane accidents do happen, there are several common reasons to blame. When airlines stay mindful of these issues, the likely result is even fewer plane accidents.

Mistakes by pilots

The most common cause of plane and train accidents is pilot error. The mistakes made by pilots cause as many as half of all airplane accidents. Pilots are highly trained professionals, but this fact does not prevent occasional problems. Airlines are always looking for ways to combat pilot fatigue and other issues that may instigate piloting errors.

Mechanical issues

Airplane engines consist of hundreds of parts and components. It only takes one of these parts to malfunction for a problem to occur. These problems cause 20% of airplane accidents. It is important to note that improving design and manufacturing processes makes flying safer with time, but mechanical defects remain a threat to airline passengers and crew members.

Inclement water

It is more dangerous to operate an airplane when the weather is uncooperative. Heavy rain, snow and fog are weather elements that can lead to airplane crashes. Airlines will often delay or cancel flights when these elements pose too much of a risk.

Problems with airline personnel

Tragedy in the air can also happen when air traffic controllers, dispatchers and ground crew members make mistakes. These workers are sometimes required to work long hours under demanding circumstances. Risk mitigation efforts include reducing the stress and fatigue that these workers experience.

Airplane accidents are an unfortunate reality even if they are rare. Individuals who are injured or lose a loved one in a plane crash may be able to claim compensation by working with a personal injury attorney.