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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Attention to detail before a stroke

When you don’t feel well, you might try to diagnose the issue that you have before going to a doctor. If you still don’t know what could be wrong, then you might go to an emergency room or a doctor’s office in New York. Even with an abundance of information and tests performed, there are a few signs of a stroke that could be missed and could lead to significant health issues.


One of the signs of a stroke that you might attribute to fatigue or sitting in front of a computer screen for too long is blurred vision. A doctor might not look into blocked blood vessels that could be the cause of your blurred vision simply because of your age or because of the work that you do during the day, possibly resulting in a medical malpractice claim if you do have a stroke and are unable to work or live life normally.


There are several areas of your body that could go numb after they stay in one position for too long. These include your arm, leg, foot and hand. However, if you suddenly experience numbness in your arm or numbness that doesn’t go away, then it could be an indication that you’ve had a stroke or that a stroke is on the horizon. Another area of the body that sometimes goes numb if you have had a stroke is your face.

After reviewing your medical records, an attorney may file a malpractice claim against the doctor if adequate tests weren’t performed or if the signs were ignored. Compensation might cover medical treatments, medical bills that you incur and lost wages.