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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Injuring the syndesmosis ligaments

The syndesmosis, located near the ankle joint, gives support to the ankle whenever one stands up and walks. This joint can be injured, though, especially in football or rugby incidents where players’ ankles are forced to rotate outward while the rest of their foot is made immobile by their cleated shoes. New York residents should know that they may suffer a syndesmosis injury just from tripping over an object on the ground.

The nature of syndesmosis injuries

The syndesmosis is held together by numerous ligaments, and its purpose is to keep the tibia and fibula, the two bones of the lower leg, together. A syndesmosis injury can tear the ligaments and cause these bones to separate. This injury is also known as high ankle sprain, and it’s often accompanied by a bone fracture.

Symptoms will vary depending on severity, but one should keep in mind that syndesmosis injuries, unlike other ankle sprains, rarely result in bruising or swelling. The injured area may be tender to the touch, though, and there may be ankle pain that increases when one walks or simply flexes the foot.

Diagnosing syndesmosis injuries

Unless patients explain just what happened, doctors may have a hard time diagnosing this injury. Doctors could start by performing a physical examination and requesting an X-ray. CT scans and MRIs may be required to see the full extent of the injury.

Lawyer for the victims of a misdiagnosis

Sometimes, doctors may miss a syndesmosis injury out of sheer negligence, hindering your recovery and perhaps indirectly causing a long-term disability. You may have a medical malpractice case on your hands if this situation sounds like your own. It may be beneficial to hire a lawyer before filing, though, because the other side will likely be aggressive in denying payment. The lawyer may be able to negotiate for a fair settlement out of court.