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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Conquering a Multi-Car Crash: What to Know

Rear End Collision on the Highway

The interstate during rush hour is pretty much a nightmare. Cars are bumper to bumper; people frequently slam on their breaks and get easily frustrated.This type of traffic is a breeding ground for pile-ups and serious multi-caraccidents.

Usually, when a car hits another vehicle from behind, it is that driver who is held liable for any injuries or damage. In most situations, it is clear that the rear-end collision took place because the rear vehicle
was not keeping a safe distance. In multi-car pile-ups, it isn’t so simple to determine who did what.

The more vehicles that are involved in an accident, the more complicated the process gets. These types of accidents can be confusing and scary, and a as car accident attorney in New York, I think it’s important to know the next steps if you’re involved in one.

The first piece of advice is to stay as calm as possible. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries, and stay in your vehicle and buckled up while you can. In this type of accident you could be hit several times after the first blow so getting out of the car might put you at greater risk.

A helpful article offers some common details of a multi-car accident:

  1. The destruction inflicted upon the cars involved is frequently more substantial than in a one or two car accident.
  2. There is an increased risk for injury because vehicles are often hit multiple times. Imagine the effect of whiplash from being rear-ended once and multiply that five times — these accidents are significantly more angerous
    and damaging.
  3. If anyone is found responsible, for any percentage of what caused the accident, it is possible to hold him or her legally liable to compensate for both injuries and damages.

When the authorities arrive, they will record the particulars of every car position, drivers’ accounts, weather conditions, and anything else that may help explain why the accident happened. The police will want to determine whether the accident was caused on the part of negligence by one of the drivers.

Determining “fault” during a multi-car accident could difficult, no matter how detailed the police report is — contradicting explanations of what happened from different drivers will likely cloud the evidence. This means that determining who will get compensation will also be arduous.

If you were injured in a multi-car pile-up, or any car accident, and have questions or concerns about compensation you could receive, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. The lawyers at the Law Office of David J. Hernandez & Associates are here to assist New Yorkers when an accident has altered their life.

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