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Most Dangerous Intersections in New York City

Most Dangerous Intersections in NYC | Brooklyn, NY Car Accident Attorney | Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates

Each day, you head out into the busy New York streets to commute to your job, visit a friend, or simply run you weekly errands. With so much hustle and bustle in the Big Apple, pedestrians are unfortunately not always safe. While a majority of drivers keep a keen eye out for anyone straying from the crosswalks, distracted driving has lead to may emergency room visits for those unlucky enough to be involved in an NYC car or pedestrian accident.

Where are the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians and drivers in New York City? A recent article from discusses the top 10 places you should look both ways—then do it again.

  • Alan Street and First Avenue: Crossing seven lanes of traffic is never a safe choice, but the constant construction projects that seem to plague the area and a 220-feet walk from curb to curb make this intersection especially dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Bowery and E. Houston: With a 210-feet walk curb to curb, be extremely cautious when walking
    across this street. To make matters worse, this intersection is notorious for high-speed accidents.
  • Broadway and W. 96th Street: This intersection encompasses pedestrian traffic from the subway, double-long crosstown buses, and cars screaming towards the West Side Highway. If you can, simply try to avoid it.
  • Park Avenue S. and E. 23rd Street: The crosswalks here are about half the size they should be in relation to the foot traffic it receives. Be extremely careful when crossing this four-way intersection.
  • 8th Avenue and W. 42 nd Street: This intersection encompasses Times Square, The Port Authority Bus Terminal, 12 different subway lines, and heavy traffic from the Lincoln Tunnel. Be extremely cautious here: over pedestrian 200 injuries and three deaths have occurred here since 1995, according to the article.
  • Delancy Street and Essex Street: At this downtown hub, there have been a pair of fatal pedestrian accidents since 1995. Use extreme caution.
  • 2nd Avenue and 42 nd Street: Buses, taxis, hot dog carts, delivery boys, and more all collide right here. Please use a double-take before crossing!
  • 59th Street and Central Park W.: The major issue here is that you never know if the cars are turning into the Columbus Circle roundabout or onto CPW. This often turns into a scary game of taxicab versus pedestrian chicken.
  • Park Avenue and E. 33 rd Street : There have been over 163 car accidents here since 1995, nearly a dozen per year. Cars emerging from the Park Avenue tunnel are often not prepared to stop suddenly after several blocks of signal-free coasting. This is an intersection to avoid at all costs.