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Valentine’s Day: Chocolates, Flowers, and Divorce Papers

Valentine's Day Divorce | Brooklyn, NY Family Law Attorney | Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates
Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us in Brooklyn, New York, and for many, a spirit of love is in the air.

For some, however, Valentine’s Day takes a less romantic turn—to divorce.

As it turns out, the period immediately following Valentine’s Day is a popular time for married couples to split.

According to a Yahoo! Shine, a recent study suggests that divorce filings for the past two years rose as much as 40 percent immediately after each Valentine’s Day (compared to the previous six months). For some spouses, apparently, Cupid’s Day is filled with more rife than romance.

Some believe Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to fix their marriage, a chance to rekindle feelings lost long ago. When Feb. 14 doesn’t meet their expectations, they feel there is no hope left.

Valentine’s Day splits certainly aren’t always peaceful. Many attorneys have seen clients suggest they put their divorce through on Valentine’s Day or schedule a deposition on Feb. 14.

Some attorneys also see a new trend increasing following Valentine’s Day: difficulty negotiating prenups. Apparently, for many engaged couples, if Valentine’s Day didn’t go well, the level of love may be questioned.

As an experienced Brooklyn, New York divorce attorney, I truly do wish you and your spouse a happy Valentine’s Day.