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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Stretch of 11th Avenue One of the Roughest Drives in New York City


As New Yorkers know, the streets of the city aren’t quite up to par these days. Potholes and bumps create jarring rides that, on occasion, can leave us injured.

Most of the time, we trudge on through our day, making the best of the aches and pains caused by taxi, bus, and car rides.

Despite all the troubled roads around the city, there is one in particular that has been causing many car accidents and injuries lately: 11th Avenue near 27th Street on Manhattan’s West Side. According to a recent New York Times post, the area around the intersection has caused 16 complaints in the last nine months to 311. There have been a total of 27 in that same time frame for the stretch of road between West 26th and West 28th Street.

The stretch of 11th Avenue has become a problematic funnel for traffic, as drivers slow down to avoid damaging their cars—and bodies—on the rough road.

The street began falling apart nearly two years ago when a privately owned pipe began leaking under the street. If a leak like that is unnoticed, it can wash away so much dirt above it that the asphalt will begin to buckle.

As the New York City Transportation Department investigated the leak, they found it originated from pipes coming from 263 11th Avenue. By 2012, the owner completed the repairs. According to the department, fixing 11th Avenue won’t be as simple as filling in some potholes. Excavation is necessary after the utility work is settled, with numerous overlapping projects going on in the area that are delaying the road repair.

While car accidents, damage, and even injuries keep occurring, the Transportation Department insists that, though there is no resurfacing yet scheduled, it will occur at some point.

If you have experienced a car accident or injury on this stretch of 11th Avenue due to the poor road conditions, be sure to reach out to an experienced auto accident injury attorney. Or, if you know of other rough roads the public should be aware of, please feel free to share them with our office.