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Olympic Skier Bode Miller’s Child Custody Battle in Manhattan


Child custody is one of the most serious areas of law, in my opinion. The fate of the child—and of the parents or vying guardians—lies in the hands of the court. With the everyday life of a child hanging on the decision of a judge, it is so important to have the best representation on your side.

Even celebrities, in this case a top athlete, find themselves in custody battles. According to a recent article from New York Daily News, Olympic skier Bode Miller will appear in Manhattan court over a child custody battle with a woman he once had a three-month relationship with.

The now 10-month-old son—called Sam Miller by his mother, Sara McKenna, and Nate Miller by his father—has been living with Bode Miller and his wife in California. A judge granted him temporary custody of the child earlier in 2013.

McKenna, a former U.S. Marine, is currently attending Columbia University. She has visitation rights, but lost her bid in the New York courts to gain full custody.

The appellate court said a Family Court referee was incorrect in his ruling last may that turned over the jurisdiction to the California courts, which granted Miller physical custody.

In fact, the baby is a New York resident, born in New York City on Feb. 23.

McKenna says she met Miller through an online dating service, and that the baby came as a result of a brief affair.

As a New York family law attorney, I’ve seen custody battles drag out for some time, the child unfortunately caught in the middle. I hope for Miller’s son that the issue is resolved soon.

If you have questions about Miller’s case, or are about to experience a custody battle of your own, be sure to contact an experienced New York family law attorney today.