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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

NYU Student Falls Ten Stories, Rescued after Two Days


As a New York University alumnus, I truly appreciate the opportunity and education the school provides. Growing as a student and person right in the heart of the greatest city in the world has helped to prepare me for my career as a Brooklyn personal injury attorney.

This is why a recent story from the New York Daily News caught my attention. An NYU student was rescued in early November after falling ten stories down a shaft between a parking garage and a building in lower Manhattan.

Nineteen-year-old Asher Vongtau had been missing for two days before police found him stuck in the shaft. He was rescued in serious condition and taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Vongtau’s family frantically worried about their son as friends at the university pressed for officials to search.

It is still unclear how Vongtau fell, but his injuries are real and heartbreaking. His mother said that he suffered a fractured skull, pelvis, and arm as well as contusions to his lung and spleen. Such an accident can affect a person for the entirety of his life. Unfortunately, it could be that his injuries are the result of the school creating an unsafe environment by doing nothing about a safety hazard.

As a personal injury attorney, I understand the physical and psychological pain Vongtau is likely experiencing. I wish the Vongtau family all the best during Asher’s recovery.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of others or an institution, do not suffer in silence. There are people who can help you receive the compensation you need and deserve-you need only to reach out to them.

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