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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Don’t Let an Injury Ruin Your Thanksgiving

In New York, holidays seem to make everyone hurry even more than usual.Streets become more crowded, lines become longer, and, in correlation,accidents and injuries become more likely.
As a New York personal injury attorney, I often see injuries caused in November, December, and January by people who are in a hurry, are negligent, or simply act carelessly. By cutting corners, or simply ignoring simple safety guidelines, other people are put at risk, sometimes falling victim to an accident that could have been easily avoided.

As Thanksgiving approaches, so will injuries that coincide with the holiday.

In an effort to keep you safe-and those around you-I recently found an article from EMS World and Olympia Medical Center that highlights the top five Thanksgiving injuries.

  • Heartburn: Obviously, heartburn isn’t the fault of anyone but the person eating.It is a true injury, though, so be careful with those extra helpings.
  • Weight gain: Yes, weight gain is an injury, but again, is not necessarily caused by your Thanksgiving hosts. The average American gains two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
  • Choking: The number one cause of choking is eating too quickly. Choking can also occur, however, if there is something in the food that should not be there (a bone that was not removed by the processor, an object from a machine that made it in to the dish). Also, being bumped or hit by someone walking or moving carelessly by could lodge food in your throat, causing severe injury, or even death.
  • Excessive drinking: Over-consumption of alcohol puts the drinker and all those around him or her at risk. Someone who becomes drunk is much more likely to cause an accident or injury to another than a sober person.
  • Cuts and burns: For those preparing a holiday meal in a hurry, cuts and burns may come as a sacrifice. If you are seriously cut or burnt by the careless actions of another, however, the effects can be devastating.

Again, Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, remembering the great people and moments in our lives, and having a great time together. Don’t let serious injuries ruin this special holiday.

If you are injured by the negligent or careless acts of another as you prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to contact an experienced New York personal injury attorney for the guidance you need.

Don’t suffer under the weight of medical bills, especially if you are forced to miss work. Get the help you need today.