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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Hours of Service Regulations Aim to Reduce Trucker Fatigue

One of the most common causes of large commercial truck accidents is truck driver fatigue. Truck drivers are under a great deal of pressure from trucking companies and suppliers to meet unrealistic delivery schedules and, unfortunately, safety suffers.

For this reason, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) has imposed hours-of-service (HOS) requirements on truck drivers to help ensure that they get enough rest and keep our nation’s highways safe.

What are Hours of Service Regulations?

HOS regulations limit the number of hours commercial truck drivers can work. For example, a truck driver may only get behind the wheel if he has rested for at least eight hours since driving for 30 minutes or more. After each 10 hour rest period, a trucker may drive for only 11 consecutive hours at a time.

The FMCSA requires drivers to keep a log of their time behind the wheel. Some trucks are equipped with electronic devices that automatically record the driver’s hours. Drivers who do not have the electronic device must keep a paper log and log every day, even on days that they do not work. The logbooks contain 24 hour pages that must be filled out completely. Logbooks can be checked anytime by government inspectors and if violations are found, drivers will be fined or will no longer be able to serve.

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