Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Brooklyn Man Becomes City’s Tenth Bicycle Fatality

Earlier this month, New York City experienced its tenth fatal bicycle accident. The 24-year-old Brooklyn man died after he ran a red light and was struck by an SUV.

According to Transportation Alternatives, the number of fatal bicycle-accidents appears to be on the decline in New York City. Last year, 18 bicyclists were killed in the city and just two years prior, in 2008, 26 bicyclists were killed.

The New York Daily News reported Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White as saying that in the last decade the number of personal injuries suffered by bicyclists has decreased, despite the fact that the number of bicyclists has increased.

Safe Bicycling Tips

Because the laws of the state of New York treat bicycles like passenger vehicles, one of the surest ways that a bicycle rider can remain safe is to obey the rules of the road. By doing so, bicyclists travel in the same predictable manner as cars, increasing the chances that vehicle drivers will see and be able to predict which way that bicyclists will maneuver. According to information provided by New York City, bicyclists that ride predictably reduce their chances of being involved in an accident with a car.

There are other ways that bicyclists can protect themselves, and New York City offers the following tips for safe riding:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear bright colored clothing
  • Use reflectors and bike lights during dusk and nighttime hours
  • Be aware of surroundings, especially car doors
  • Always look before turning, and make sure drivers see you by establishing eye contact
  • Obey all traffic laws, especially stop signs and red lights
  • Ride in marked bike paths, when available
  • Only use one earphone of a portable music device

While accidents involving bicyclists are down in the city, accidents still occur. Ride cautiously, but if an accident does occur and you are hit by a driver of a car, truck or van, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about seeking compensation for your injuries.

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