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Brooklyn Municipal Liability Lawyer

Bronx Bus Crash Highlights Need for Safety Measures

Earlier this month 15 passengers were injured in when an MTA bus crashed into two other vehicles in the Bronx. The accident occurred when the bus made an unscheduled stop and struck a sports car and livery cab at the intersection of Third Avenue and 170th Street.

One witness to the public transportation accident reported hearing a “boom” and then seeing bus passengers stumble off the bus as those in the nearby vicinity rushed to help. The 15 injured passengers were taken to a nearby hospital. Luckily none of the injuries were considered life-threatening.

Proper Safety Precautions on Buses

Although it is not clear what caused the Bronx bus accident, this incident along with the recent series of other bus accidents in New York, highlight the need for bus drivers and passengers to be more vigilant about bus safety.

If you are a bus passenger the MTA suggests the following safety tips:

  • Never lean against the rear door or stand in the stairwell/rear door step
  • Stay behind the white line at the front of the bus
  • If you are traveling with a stroller it should remain folded while on the bus
  • To ensure the bus operator has adequate time to stop smoothly, make sure you signal two blocks prior to your desired stop

Although bus passengers cannot control if a bus driver makes a mistake causing a collision, they can take safety precautions themselves to help avoid potential bus accidents and injuries.

Source:15 Injured After MTA Bus Collides With Two Cars In The Bronx